Rainy Summer Sunday

Today’s update comes to you live from Redmond, Washington, courtesy of my shiny new(ish) internship as a software developer at Microsoft Studios. Although I can’t say anything about what I’m working on, I can exclusively reveal that I am loving life in the Seattle area. There’s no end of things to do, tons of trees, and, get this — real weather! None of that California summertime, constant heat and drought nonsense. Oh, and the work is good, too, although I do find myself thinking more and more about what I’d like to do next year at school, during UC Santa Cruz’s year-long senior game design project.

Looking backwards a little bit, in my last post I was all guns blazing about the then-upcoming production of my play, Blood in the Summertime. That’s right, the information about a name change in that last post was completely erroneous. It turns out that a lot of Americans don’t know what a ‘heath’ is, and I got tired of explaining that it wasn’t a play about a bloody fireplace. So we went back to the original title and, after a quarter of intense rehearsal, put on a weekend of shows to well over a hundred audience members all told. Everything went off fantastically, with direction by David Murakami, stage management by Andie Prahbu, and amazing performances by Brandon Barnes, Anthony Aguilar, Cheska Bacaltos, Mekkin Roff, Lily Sorenson, and Jacob Vanderville. If you couldn’t make it, perhaps you’d like to read the script or see some photos from our dress rehearsal.

Photography by the talented Lauren Macadaeg. I’m sure that there’s a full recording of that rehearsal floating about on a hard drive somewhere. I’ll be sure to provide a link to the footage if I ever get my hands on it.

That’s enough blog for today, anyway! I’ve a long day of brainstorming game ideas when I should be working tomorrow. Until next time, fellow travelers.

Jon Gill