Project Lead? Excuse me while I crouch terrified in a corner.

So that happened. I guess I should have mentioned something before now, but that whole process of pitching game ideas to spend the year developing that I mentioned a few posts back? One of my ideas got chosen, and now I’m leading a team of eighteen undergrads in developing this fancy of mine.

Eighteen. Ten plus eight. 18. An eight and a one. Twelve programmers (yours truly included), five artists, and a musician.

No matter which way I slice it, it’s a terrifying endeavor. Exciting, too, don’t get me wrong, and massively humbling. But getting from point A in my mind to point B playable on mobile devices… damn. That’s a lot of work to wrangle among a lot of people.

There’s some incredible talent on this team, though. (Did I mention how humbling it is to be leading these awesome sorts? Because it totally is.) We’ve already written over 100 pages of design document (!), tens more of technical and organizational notes, produced page after page of concept art, and got a lot of key systems implemented in Unity 3D, our engine of choice. We haven’t got anything running on a mobile device yet, but that’s just what comes from depending on the academic bureaucracy to buy your software licenses for you.

Anyway, because don’t I ever love to brag, here’s a quick before and after of my pitch versus some of the work our artists (specifically character designer extraordinaire Arielle Kim) have been doing:

The gorgeous AR-521, courtesy of Arielle Kim

There should be more of that goodness coming courtesy of the official Asterogue website soon. It’s not quite done yet, though, so I’ll hold off on posting the link until my next blog post appears. No trying to guess the URL, now — that would be cheating. Until then, be sure to check out and Like the [Asterogue Facebook page](!

As a consolation prize, though, have some concept art from my prototype that didn’t get picked up for development, Stolen Be! This was going to be a touch-based platformer with rhythm elements — think Super Meat Boy meets Beat Sneak Bandit. Anyway, the powers that be decided it wasn’t the right time for this idea, so back into the big pot of ideas in my brain it goes…

The first full-body concept of Bea

Bea sprite
Bea’s in-game sprite. Each component was a separately animatable image

A collectible coin!

The end-of-level goal trophy

A spinning blade. Better watch out…

Jon Gill