Mo' felting, mo' problems

Following up on the last post, I went a bit felt-crazy over my winter vacation this year.  Gripped by a powerful “it’s the thought that matters” fever, I decided to hand-felt Christmas presents for three of my friends.  More pop culture characters, of course — they’re the most fun to felt — and this time I went with Finn and Jake from the cartoon Adventure Time and Isaac from the grotesque independent roguelike game The Binding of Isaac.

Jake was made using the same technique of felting a Polyfil body and covering it with loose wool that I used on Gomez in the last post.  However, growing frustrated with the fiddliness, hairiness, and sneeze-inducing messiness of felting all that loose wool, I made a run to the craft store and ended up coloring Finn with store-bought pre-felted squares.  This technique rendered a much cleaner and more huggable character, so I ended up repeating it with Isaac (who also got a few plastic eyes superglued onto him to complete the effect.)

Jon Gill