Free game (prototype)? Yes, please!

Update: In my mad blogging frenzy, I totally forgot to credit a third of the Stolen Be development team! Rob Segura and Drew Fachianno, fine fellows both, have been added to the credits in this post.

While I’m feeling generous, if you’d care to try out the prototype for Stolen Be, my rhythm platformer that almost was and one day might still be, I’ve uploaded the .apk for the Android version to this site. You’ll need ADB installed and USB Debugging enabled on your device to upload it, just like any other .apk. If you don’t know what those words mean, I recommend Google.

Anyway, click below the cut to download the jankity thieving goodness.


Download the Stolen Be .apk here!
As usual, all the other games I have developed are freely available in the Games section of this site.

Controls are as follows:
Drag on a platform: Run
Tap the air: Jump / Double-Jump / Wall-jump
Tap a wall: Jump into a wall to prepare for a wall-jump
Swipe in a direction: Throw a grappling hook

Getting money and trophies is good, getting caught in spotlights is bad, spikes and spinning blades are extra bad. No support is offered for this prototype, download and run at your own risk, yadayadayda.

Stolen Be was created by Jon Gill, Matt Collins, Ben Murray, Brian Nguyen, Rob Segura, and Drew Facchiano in about a week. Jon, Ben, and Matt are now hard at work on Asterogue, which will be awesome.

Jon Gill