Fezes are Cool

Crazy stuff has been happening since I last put pen to blog (then swore and started looking for alcohol wipes to clean my screen with). Since that last post of concept art, I’ve prototyped and animated another concept, had that shot down, and formed a full 16-person team to work on building Asterogue over the course of the coming year. In addition, I’ve been participating in National Novel Writing Month, the seat-of-your-pants challenge to write 50,000 words of fiction in 30 days. It’s been busy, to say the least.

But surely you don’t care about any of that. Surely you’re all clamoring amongst yourselves, beating your hands against your keyboards and calling out in anguish, ‘But Jon! Don’t you have any new photos to share of pointless arts and crafts diversions that you’ve been working on in addition to all of the stuff that you might actually be any good at?’

Well, fear not, for I have also been stumbling my way into needle felting, the art of stabbing wool until bunches together to resemble something other than stabbed wool! For my first project, I decided to make Gomez, the lead character from the most excellent indie platformer Fez.

I think he came out alright, apart from some slight staining around the eyes. The colored wool I got is very loose and hard to felt, so it tended to spread itself around a bit more than I wanted. Hopefully this is only a real issue because Gomez’s white body makes it stand out a lot, but I suppose we’ll find out with my next project.

Jon Gill