Abstract soccer-esque local multiplayer game? I haven't heard that before...

I’m on a mad blogging spree, and I can’t be stopped!


Here’s another game I developed recently, this time during a 24-hour game jam I participated in with the Asterogue team to familiarize ourselves with Unity 3D. In this case, it’s an abstract soccer game with local multiplayer (up to 12 players on one PC!), playable on Mac, Windows, Linux, and even modern browsers with the Unity plugin.

It owes a humongous debt to Ramiro Corbetta’s own Hokra, by which I mean it basically stole all the gameplay wholesale and added elements from Arkanoid / Breakout for scoring. Because I thought that would be fun to make and to play. Both seem to be true, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check out the original Hokra and the upcoming Kickstartered compilation in which it will be featured, Sportsfriends!

Hokranoid was created by Jon Gill in 24 hours, give or take. He had to take a few extra evenings to polish up the menus and controller support, but it clocked in at less than a day total.

Jon Gill